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Tamuril Elendil, the sun elven engineer and priest.

Tamuril Elendil (Tah-mer-ill El-en-deel), known simply as "Tamuril", is one of three daughters of the Elendil family. Her and her sisters lived in the Sun Elven city of Arallond until it was destroyed by the encroaching Dread Glades. At that time, their font of magic collapsed into itself by the sheer power of the Eldritch Magic of the Glades. This left the people of Arallond hungry for magic, causing many to die. Those who survived turned to the eldritch magic to empower themselves and save themselves from their hunger.

Tamuril was one of the few who did not turn to this eldritch power. In time, she learned to curb her hunger through methods of meditation. However, seeing her sisters become corrupted by the eldritch magic caused her to fear for her own life. She ran away from her home, soon coming upon one of the last surviving sects of the gnomes. There, she trained under her master in the ways of engineering and gnomish technology. However, the stress of learning gnomish technology soon caused her to run from the gnomes as well.

Tamuril took up residence in the city of Daimondo afterwards. There, she trained as a priest so that she could one day cleanse her sisters of their eldritch powers. Unfortunately, news soon got to her that her sisters were both dead, and in her mourning, she abandoned the priesthood. She now works in Daimondo as an engineer, building things for the city and aiding in repairs when commissioned. Her free time is spent building things based on her knowledge of gnomish technology.